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Arabic adj : relating to or characteristic of Arabs; "Arabic languages" n : the Semitic language of the Arabs; spoken in a variety of dialects [syn: Arabic language]

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  • a RP /ˈærəbɪk/
  • a US /ˈɛrəbɪk/ or /ˈærəbɪk/


  1. Of, from, or pertaining to Arab countries or cultural behaviour (see also Arab as an adjective).


of, from, or pertaining to Arab countries or cultural behaviour
  • Albanian: Arabik
  • Arabic:
  • Bosnian: arapski
  • Chinese: 阿拉伯的 (ālābó-de)
  • Croatian: arapski
  • Czech: arabský
  • Danish: arabisk , arabiske p
  • Dutch: Arabisch, Arabische
  • Esperanto: araba
  • Finnish: arabialainen
  • French: arabe
  • German: arabisch
  • Greek: αραβικός
  • Hebrew: ערבי (‘áravi) , ערבית (‘aravit)
  • Ido: arab , araba
  • Interlingua: arabe, arabic
  • Italian: arabo
  • Japanese: アラビア (Arabiá no)
  • Malay: Arab
  • Maltese: Għarbi, Għarbija
  • Persian: (æræbi)
  • Portuguese: árabe, arábico
  • Russian: арабский
  • Serbian:
    Cyrillic: арапски
    Roman: arapski
  • Spanish: árabe, arábigo
  • Swedish: arabisk
  • Turkish: Arap

Proper noun

  1. A major Semitic language originating from the Arabian peninsula, and now spoken natively (in various spoken dialects, all sharing a single highly conservative standardized literary form) throughout large sections of the Middle East and North Africa. (ISO abbreviations: ar, ara)
  2. The Aramaic-derived alphabet used to write the Arabic, Persian, Pashto, Urdu, and Uyghur languages, among others.

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